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Thai Forest Bulletin

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Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany) (TFB)
Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany) (TFB) publishes papers on plant taxonomy (especially of vascular plants), nomenclature, phylogeny, systematics, plant geography, and floristics, and in morphology, palynology, cytotaxonomy, chemotaxonomy, anatomy and other relevant disciplines.

Priority is given to papers written by staff of the Forest Herbarium and by botanists working on the Flora of Thailand project. Limited space is available for other relevant papers.

TFB is published twice a year, usually in June and December. Two free copies of the issue in which the manuscript is published are given to each author. The journal makes no page charges.

All manuscripts are peer reviewed.
Pubblicazione open access; sono disponibili online tutti i volumi dal 1954 ad oggi.
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